Friday, August 19, 2005

Jesus Flag

Lauren goes through these stages where she will just suddenly come up to you and want hugs and kisses. Fine with me. Soon will come a day when she won't want them as much anymore... that will be sad. But in the meantime, I relish in these days.
Anyway, she came up to me and wanted hugs and kisses. So, I obliged.
Then, strangely, but not really cause she is a silly little girl, she wanted to kiss my shirt. No, this isn't like the pope and his ring, I am just wearing the ever so elusive and stylish 2005 Old Navy flag shirt.
I asked her if she knew what was on my shirt. (fortunately, I had no spit up on me this morning). She said "Flag". ( I will spare you the actual annunciation she gave, since she still works with the letter "L".)
I asked her if she knew who's flag it was. She looked me square in the eye and said "Jesus's".

And there you have it.
It is amazing what you can learn from your child. Things that you thought that you knew. But you forget the basics.

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TexasBurgerGuy said...

Cute story! Even cuter if it hadn't taken 16 hours and I hadn't tried to drill a hole in your hand. :) Ooops.