Monday, June 05, 2006

Toddler-ese and Preschooler Mumbo Jumbo

I thought that it would be funny to post a glossary of terms that are currently or were previously prevalent around our home. This is mainly for my record-keeping (as several folks told me that I needed to put these in my baby books) but I thought that they were funny also:

My Daughter :
Ca-ca - "Sticker" Can get some interesting looks when your daughter says this in public
Cali-Doctor - "Helicopter" No matter how much we try to correct, it will forever be this.
Genius - "Jesus" - can you really argue with that one?
Crab - "Crocodile" - She was never convinced that the large green reptile at Rainforest Cafe was a crocodile... she kept calling it a crab.
Crabodile - "Crocodile" - When we finally convinced her that a crab and a crocodile were two different things, she still insisted that the crocodile was indeed a crabodile.
Chocolate Apple Sauce - "Chocolate Sauce" - Used by her Papa when he gave her ice cream.
Hair cuts -"Hair clip" or ribbon, tie, barrett, etc. Anything used in your hair.
Present -"Swing set" See earlier post. She still refers to it as her present.
Exercises - "YMCA" Mommy goes to "exercises" to work out.
Gave - "Gabe" - Her Cousin. b b b b b
Lobbypop - "Lolly Pop" The kid can pronounce "Spaghetti", yet has issues with this one...

My Son :
Mauk - "milk" Pretty basic
No - "no"
No - "yes"
No - "Can I have a cookie?"
No - "I am tired and need a nap"
JJ - "Any matter the shape, size or even whether or not it is in fact a dog"
Tank Tu - "Thank you". Yes he actually does say this... it was one of his first words. (mom is blushing)
Peas - "Please" (mommy is blushing again)
Bah - "Ball" or anything remotely shaped like a ball.
Bee - "Binkey" or Pacifier. He says it with such enthusiasm. I am going to have a fight on my hands getting rid of that one...