Thursday, April 27, 2006

Ballerina Girl

Little girls are so funny. My daughter and her daddy go on daddy daughter dates once a month. No mommy, no brother. I think that it is good for several reasons: it gives my husband a chance to hang out with her and bond and it gives my daughter a chance to see how she should be treated by men. (This will come into play later when she starts dating... in about 30 years or so...)

Anyway, my husband took my daughter to Build a bear to make a stuffed animal. That was interesting apparently. After initially wanting to name her new beagle "chowder" she decided on "Ballerina". Then dressed the beagle up in none other than a hello kitty shirt, pink skirt and of course the dog had to have hello kitty panties. (sigh).

When they got home I asked her what the dog's name was and she told me "Ballerina". OK. Random, (or so I thought). Cute.

A few weeks later, my daughter was given a box of dress-up shoes. In it were a pair of ballet slippers that lace up the calf. So, we wore those non stop around the house until Mommy "misplaced" them. (She wanted them laced up her calf... since mommy isn't a professional or even amateur dancer, I winged it and laced the ribbons up.... but according to Newton, what goes up must come down, so about every 15 minutes or so, I was relacing these things.... hard to get stuff done that way.)

When we went to Target, my daughter would always want to look at the "big girl" clothes... which meant the ballet section.... Her favorite line would be "I can wear that!"

The last straw was when she came down in her swimsuit and a dressup frilly skirt and those ballet shoes and started to dance for me.

(BIG GONG). Why don't we sign up for Ballet lessons??? Duh mommy!

So she starts next month. It is a trial version over the summer, so we will see how it goes. But last night at her swimming lesson, she saw lots of little girls who were getting ready for their recitals and were dressed in their cute outfits.... up from below my daughter speaks up..."Mommy... I can wear that!"

That was just vomit

You now how sometimes you feel like you are so overwhelmed that your standards seem to fall?
I was walking through my house today looking at the catastrophe that is my living room and I was noticing the stains on the carpet that my wonderful animal had placed on it just yesterday. I was thinking to myself..."Wow.. that spot is hardly visible...but that was just vomit"

"Just Vomit". This makes me chuckle to think about it. That is kindof like saying "it is just $39" or " It just takes 15 minutes" (which we all know in preschooler time is a LIFETIME). "Just fill in the blank" implies that there is something else... much worse. In this case it was diarrhea. Yes... that is much worse.... not necessarily the act (Whoa nelly, where am I going here) but the cleaning up.

So, I have become a connoisseur of fine carpet cleaners. I know what hype to believe and know what not to. I guess I can put that on my resume one day when I go back to work.

I can just see the interview: "Yes, I was a programmer for 5 years and have an engineering degree... oh and by the way, don't bother with Resolve... it just doesn't work... I would stick to Incredible or the Kroger brand... they really work."

It is funny the stuff that you learn when you become a mom. I know stuff now that I never knew that I didn't know. I know that children lick carpet (thus the journey to discover the best carpet cleaner). I know that circumcisions can heal over (YIKES). I know that the preferred method of nail trimming is by teeth... even toe nails. ICK. I know that if you tell your daughter that there are scissors in her nose that she will still continue to pick it, but she will also start to tell you that there are scissors in her nose.

I have learned so so many things... and my oldest is just 4!