Friday, July 08, 2005

The Real Monet

I was always decent at art. My macrame and clay handprints were always the envy of the other 5th graders. But never in my wildest imagination would I think that I would be held to the highest standard of artistry.
Since I had Lauren, I have become the QUEEN of drawing. I do snowmen, cats, bears ... I even learned how to draw Minnie Mouse. But, the absolute best thing I do is Veggie Tales. Apparently, my husband isn't any good at Veggies... Mommy is the one to draw Bob, Larry, Junior, Mommy and Daddy Asparagus and the Gourds too.
Whenever there is a crayon and a blank peice of paper, Bob must be drawn first.
It is nice to know that I am absolutely the best at something.... at least in my daughters eyes. It is a big boost to my spirit.
Maybe someday I will post some of my "art".
In the meantime, it will just be for my girl.

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