Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Life in 2012

Nov 7, 2010 was my last post. Since no one reads this anyway, it doesnt really matter. So lets just say my last post was last week, k?

So now I have no kids at home, no ailing parent to comfort, I am aimlessly wondering what am I to do now? Could I finally finish moving into my house? Could I finally finish those nagging projects I started oh so long ago? Can I finally focus on taking care of myself? Hmmmm. Interesting thoughts.

On that thought, I have been stalking pinterest.com lately. Wow, talk about crack for the soul. I literally spent 3 hours on that site yesterday looking for ideas on making a valentines wreath (I blame my mother in law - back to that in a minute), and I found those and many many more cool things that me, a relatively well educated woman in my (ahem) mid thirties could easily do. I have a few crafty skills. I can do this.... I already made a few cookies from that site. Mostly they were good.

Anyway, back to my mother in law. She is very sweet. In fact, that is why she is to blame for the wreath thing. While she was at my house last fall watching my kids while I was taking care of my Dad, she bought a fall wreath. It was really pretty and looked really nice on my door. So, when Christmas came, I actually made a wreath. No, it wasnt my idea, I totally plagerized it, but it turned out really nice. Made one for my mom and one of her friends too. So now that I have taken my decorations down, I am in need of the next door hanger. I have my standard, no holiday, boring, blah one. But I don't want that one. I am finally feeling not blah, so I believe my front door should reflect that. Strange logic, I know, but that is how I roll.

I found some really cute ideas. Some fabric that look easy to one with felt that looks like it would take a long time... don't know if I am into that. I am still a short attention span kind of girl.

I finally finished a quilt for my mom for Christmas. I thought it was really pretty. I wanted to keep it for myself, but that would be wrong. I have found a pattern for the next one. I have to decide if this one I will keep, or if I will give it to my brother for his wedding. That would be nice of me... wonder if I will be nice. I have like 11 months to be naughty before I have to be nice again.... at least that is how I think it works... Noel may agree... he he.

So, carry on. Maybe I will do this regularly now. I think that it would be cool to give a copy of this blog to my kids one day so that they have proof to give the doctors when they want me committed... he he.