Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sodom and Gomorrah

Long story.

My daughter loves to read bedtime stories at night... of course she does 1) it is fun to have someone read to you and 2) it delays the inevitable that the lights will be turned off and she will have to go to sleep. (Why did we hate this so much as kids... I would love to go to bed early every night.....)

So, trying to be the well balanced mom that I think I can be, I thought that it would be great to get her a kids Bible with lots of pictures and stories of the Bible. I thought that we could read them together and learn and talk and really enjoy growing up and learning about God together.

So on her Birthday we give her this Bible and a pair of Dora pajamas. Guess which one she liked the best. I did get the obligatory "Oh wow mom... thanks" when she opened the Bible, but then she set it aside and did not pick it back up for weeks. This hurt... you know I wrote a very sweet note in the cover hoping that she would treasure it as much as I treasured giving it to her... NOPE... I think that this comes with her learning empathy which I have been told doesn't come for another couple of years.

OK, so now the real reason for the post.

So when we finally decide to read it at night, she gets about 3 a night. Soon enough she picks out her favorite stories. The one she really focused on was Sodom and Gomorrah. Not sure if it was the pictures of the fires or the picture of Lots wife turning into salt... but she LOVES that story. I think she gets it though....

One day we were travelling down the road to church. There is a McDonalds pretty much across the street from our church which we used to go to before/during/after church activities. I say used to because on this day we looked for the McDonalds and it was no longer there. The only thing that was left was a big pile of rocks.

So my daughter is in the backseat and asks what happened... I say "Looks like it was torn down"

Silence in the back seat.

"I guess Mr. McDonald looked back"

Now tell me the child isn't paying attention.

I was rolling!

So, after weeks waiting and waiting we drive back past this McDonalds. This time it is my son's turn. "Look Mom... Bob Builder"


There was a construction crew building the McDonalds back. Bob Builder apparently.

So now it is the McDonalds that Bob Builder Built.

I bet that they didn't know that, huh?