Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Let's go to Hawaii

My son is 2 and a 1/2. He doesn't really talk well... he tries... but it seems that once again, I have to wear the translator hat when he is trying to tell us something.

Anyway, we took a family vacation this past weekend. We went to a "beautiful" Texas beach close to our home. Unfortunately for us, our ocean view/ocean access condominium had a fantastic view of all the red seaweed that washes up all day long. I don't know if this is a seasonal thing, a fluke thing or a regular thing. We got all the benefits of it though. I will list them here:


Yep, that is about it. (Fortunately, other parts of the island were cleaner, so we did get to experience "beach behavior"... ie. running through the crashing waves, trying to stand through the waves and yes, even eroding the beach below your foot, tushie, or whatever when the water recedes into the ocean.

Anyway, as we are travelling to our destination, we were talking the beach up to our kids. "We get to jump through the waves, build sand castles, run around..."

For some reason, my daughter makes the following declaration "I am going to call the beach 'Hawaii'".



It is REAL close.

So, back to the start of this post... we are back home and I am translating for my son. I hear this... "Wan go hawaii". HUH?

"Wan go hawaii".

OK, so I guess he wants to go back to the beach.

In the meantime, I will just take them to the "Movie Peter"

he he