Sunday, May 28, 2006


Some of you have read this one before, but I wanted to post it for posterity.

So, my daughter started her swim lessons tonight. She cracked me up.. she was quite gung ho getting into the water and pretty much stayed that way the entire time. Now, she is in a group with 2 other boys and they both had goggles... so, of course, we needed a pair too....

(On a side note, she is so funny when she is kicking with the kick board... she is grinning ear to ear... I pray that she doesn't go under cause she would drink every ounce of that pool water...I am taking my camera tomorrow and will send a picture of that soon).
So, I told her that we would go to Target to see if we could get some "gobbles".... it took several slow enunciations before she got it right....

Her heart was set on Ariel goggles...(where does this come from?)
We get to Target, search the pool aisle... but only find pink ones.... they weren't ariel, but according to my girl, they will do.

In a last ditch effort, mommy decided to head down another aisle where my daughter, with her insane detecting eyes... spots none other than ARIEL GOBBLES!

So, being the hero that I am (ha) I bought them for her and listened to an incessant "Can you open these? Can you open these? Can you open these?" in the car on the ride home.

When I was putting her to bed, she said that she was going to wear them... I thought...Sure, but goggles aren't fun to wear in bed, so surely she just meant on her head or arm or something.....

Why you shouldn't feed raisins to a toddler

A wise man once proved the following law of physics: what goes up, must come down. All of my years in the college of Engineering also taught me that what goes in, must come out... simple mass balance.

These are proven facts and non-negotiable.

What I didn't know was that what goes in ... sometimes comes out exactly as it went in. Case in point... give a toddler a raisin.... ha!

So one morning, my husband had a doctors appointment first thing, so he was here when the kids got up. So, I sent him to get my son up... he is really cute in the morning....He is cute all day actually... but especially so fresh off a good nights sleep.

Next thing I hear is "Oh-My-Gaw! Hon, you have GOT to see this".

This can't be good news. He is already that couldn't be it. He isn't running out of the room, so he hasn't learned to climb out of the bed...Can't think of any other amazing trick that he can accomplish in his 2x3 foot prison, so I brace myself and head upstairs.

Take a moment to picture (for lack of a better analogy) the aisle of a wedding that has been gently adorned with rose petals to guide the bride to the altar in the most gentle and caring way....Now turn the rose petals to raisins and the aisle to a nursery.

That is what greeted us that fine morning.

My son was a very busy boy.

Then I was a very busy mommy.

No more raisins for him.