Friday, April 25, 2008

It is all talk!

Little man, who isn't so little anymore, is really starting to talk. Except for the incredibly annoying mimics of his sister, he has really picked up some cute words. The other day he said both "Dangerous" and "Ridiculous" without his sister's help. Just out of no where. "Mommy, we cant go swimming in the deep end... that is dangerous"... "Mommy, don't put that on your head... that is ridiculous".


Anyway, this is a long way from where he was at Christmastime.... He decided to put a "Y" sound at the end of most every word. "Sister-y... can I have some of your water-y?" I thought that it was cute..... Sister, not so much. Baby girl has actually asked me and darling dear not to call her by her name when little man is around. "Mom (I am mom to her now... not mommy anymore) ..actually more like 'Moooooooom' don't call me by my name. I don't want my brother to use my name (?). I want him to call me 'sister'." Of course, she does not call big man 'brother', so I don't get it. whatever.

Baby girl also picked up this annoying phrase at Christmas too. (gotta love grade school). "Big 'ole" has entered the house! "Mom... can you get me a 'big ole' drink... I am thirsty". Yowsers. Then again, a few months ago, husband and I were in bed on Sat morning fighting the sun from rising (it always seems to though) and baby girl wanted to know what we were going to do that day. "I dunno.. what do you want to do?"

"Let's go to the mall and loiter."

HUH? Really?

"So, darling daughter... what does loiter mean"

"You know... just hang out."

Wow. Chalk a positive up for grade school cause I am 98% certain that I don't use that word in my everyday conversations...

We do still have issues with some words though.

With both of them "ambulance" really gets them tongue tied. It usually ends up "aliens". As in "Mom - listen - can you hear the aliens?"

"No" (as I look to the sky for the UFO I am sure is hovering overhead with their sirens and bells blazing.)

Ever since my mom was in the hospital for a week or so this Spring, now they play "Aliens" and race to the hospital. whatever.

T still has an issue with the "L" sound. He finally got the "L" back in "please". But the "Fl" sound is really tripping him up. So, instead of, "Mommy, my flip flops are on the floor" it is "Mommy, my blip blops are on the bloor". Now, I know I am his mom, but that is WAY CUTE!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Shake it!

So, it is 3 years and 6 months since the birth of my son. He FINALLY decides that it is time to use the potty on a regular basis (and the angels sing "ALLELUIA")

So, we started tinkling on the potty. Then we started pooping on the potty. (This is nasty... we are using a small potty and what goes in there must be transferred to the big potty - nasty). Now my big boy needed to learn how to stand and use the potty. From the beginning, I told my husband that he would have to be the one to teach him how to do this as I just don't have those parts.

When I came home from school one day and casually mentioned that my son's preschool teachers had started to teach him, my husband was a little peeved. (Apparently this was a right of passage that had been violated) so I told him to get to work.

At a visit to Nana's house, we heard the familiar call " Mama, I need to go potty" which was answered with "NOEL - GO". As my husband chases my son into the bathroom he is trying to remember why this was so important for HIM to teach my son this....

Noel comes out of the restroom a few minutes later in tears. (laughing ones) He says that after my son went potty, he told him to "Shake it". Now, to older boys and men, this is common knowledge. To a three year old boy who is used to dancing around the house, this is an invitation to cut a rug, so he shakes it. (think "come on baby, lets do the twist").

Wowsers. That was funny.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Update on the binky

I was reading some of my old posts and came across one talking about Tyler's pacifier. Yes, the pacifier is gone. We had a passy passing ceremony on his 3rd birthday. I am pretty embarrassed that it took that long, but at three, we kicked that habit.
We had his party, opened presents, had cake, everyone left, then it was time. We pulled the trash can up to him. We had been explaining to him for weeks that 3 year olds don't use binkies anymore and that when he turns 3 that he wouldn't have it anymore. He seemed to be on board.
But when the time came, he threw his binky into the trash.... then took it out again. "No, you can't do that. It is time for binky to go bye-bye." "NOOOOO I want my binky".... yep it went on and on for about 30 minutes that night. I just sat on the couch and cried and cried. Why was that so emotional to me? I even went and got it out of the trash, washed it and had it in my hand for when I just couldn't take it anymore.
He finally fell asleep. we went through the same routine for another 2 weeks, but then I guess he forgot about it.
I think that was the last thing that made him truly a baby and since he will be my last, I suppose I was mourning that again. Not sure, maybe I was just hormonal. It sometimes happens that way.

Thinking of this story reminds me of when my daughter gave hers up. (it wasn't a willing thing). She chewed up her last one one night and I couldn't find another one to send with her to mothers day out the next day. her teacher assured me that she would be OK and she was for the most part. (apart from the incessant "I wan ma Binky" in the car and in bed for about 2 weeks).

I remember when we brought my son home from the hospital and we had fresh, new, clean Binkies for him. I remember seeing the look in her eye... like having an open bottle of tequila in front of an alcoholic. I am sure that she took a few drags from the new Binky, but I suppose that she decided that it wasn't all it was cracked up to be so she left them alone. She decided her new mission concerning the Binky was to keep track of it and make sure that it was in her brothers mouth at all times... he was much quieter that way... :)