Sunday, July 16, 2006

It goes so fast

My daughter and I were invited to a "Mommy and Me Princess Tea" this past Saturday at our church. She was so excited. We went to the Disney Store and bought a new princess dress and found a matching Tiara and necklace. Every day last week she asked me what day it was and when Saturday would come. She was so excited.

Finally Saturday came. We dressed, fixed our hair, and like a teenager on her way to the prom, had the obligatory photo shoot before the big day!

The tea was really neat. She got to paint her nails and wear lipgloss. She made her very own tiara and scepter, complete with glitter. We took more pictures wearing boa's. We mingled with the very popular Cinderella, Belle and Sleeping Beauty. We listened to stories about the prince who came before us and who was preparing a place for us for when we see Him again. We drank from a real life tea cups and She was in charge of pouring all the tea. She was a very big girl.

When I got home I downloaded the pictures from the event and prepared to send them out to family. I spied a picture of her taken last October at Halloween when she dressed as Cinderella...she was just a baby then... now look... she is a little girl.

I always seem to tire just a bit when folks see us in the Grocery Store or just out and about and while the kids are acting cute and behaving....I am inevitably told "Cherish these times.. they go so fast".

And sometimes... mid tissy fit usually... I pray that they will.

Looking back at the change my girl has made in the past 9 months... that is frightening and sad for me. She will never be that little girl in the pictures any more. She is so much more now. She has opinions and can communicate with me. That is good. She has feelings and can share them with me. That is good. Teenage years are getting closer... that is bad.

She is precious to me. I do cherish these days (I still pray that the bad days go faster though) but even the bad days are good when I give her good night kisses.

They do go fast. The time will fly by.

I hate hearing this.

It is so true.