Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Star Wars

We had a friend come over on the weekend and he was the oldest of the kids... so when the younger kids were getting ready to go to bed, he asked to watch Star Wars. I told him OK, but after the younger kids went to bed. My daughter overheard this so the next day she is so excited... "Mom! Can we watch 'Star Hores' now?" (Now, say that aloud. I didn't spell it correctly)

"Weh...Weh..., Baby... Wars"

He he

Monday, July 30, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away

It has been an interesting week. It has finally stopped (or slowed) raining so we are able to do more activities outdoors than we have been in a very long while. So last night I toss some chicken and corn on the grill and the kids are having fun playing outside waiting for the food to be ready. "Can we eat outside?" says the big one. "Ea ou-sigh" says the little one. "Sure," I say... then I blew it... "As long as it doesn't rain"... oops.

So, right as we are pulling the chicken off the grill, it starts to rain.... to their dismay, we eat inside. Now, our kitchen table is right by the window, so when my son sees that it is raining, he starts his mantra.. "Rain, rain go away...come again another day". Ahhh how cute. Of course.. he has been singing this song ALL SUMMER LONG....

The next thing we heard almost brought us to our knees... from our daughter.. in the flattest voice possible, we hear "That song doesn't work". My son just stared....as if you told him that spiderman wasn't a real superhero...

Apparently she had been trying to get the rain gone by using that song and she realized that her efforts were futile... poor girl... it was her job to share the bad news.