Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Projectile Vomiting

Projectile Vomiting. I had never heard this terminology until I had my first child and was flipping through my Dr. Spock book during her naptime one afternoon. "Ha ha. That's funny. Seriously, that only happens in the movies"

Little did I know.

I was reminded of this early this week when after feeding my son his bottle, I received what we can call "the fountain of Enfamil".

Fortunately, my husband was still home so he could answer my scream of "AGHHHHHHHHHH" with a hand towel. (You know you are a real mom when your kid is vomiting... into your cupped hands. :) )

But you know, little kids are so "hearty" I guess you can say. Tyler spit up his entire 6 oz then smiled. "All better", I am sure he was thinking.

This makes me think of Jeff Foxworthy... You may be a redneck if...
In my MOPS group, we take time to share mom stories... "Real Moms..."

I once shared the following: "Real moms... use their t-shirt to wipe their kids nose when a Kleenex isn't available."

You can get real sentimental about this... "Real moms give up buying themselves things, so they can provide for their families", but most moms do that and that isn't really funny.

These should be things that you are afraid to admit, but are pleasantly surprised when you aren't the only one who does this. "Real moms lick off their baby's pacifier then give it back after it falls on the ground in Walmart".

I love those real mom moments. They do still freak my husband out sometimes... but he just doesn't get it... he isn't a mom.