Friday, September 28, 2007

What my kids don't have or do.

Our kids don't use bar soap. Yes, my kids are clean, but they use shower gel or liquid soap. Even washing their hands, they use liquid soap. I can still almost smell the smell of ivory. You know, I remember using that last little bit... trying to rub soap into nothingness.... I remember carving soap into cool statues... (was I the only one to do that?)... I even put the soap in my drawers as a "sachet". My kids don't even know what dove is and they are really confused why they can't touch the soap I have in their bathroom for visitors... they don't understand that when they rub their eyes, it will burn...ahh the memories.

Our kids don't have to wait to see a picture. They don't even know what a Polaroid is. Even my 2 year old says "Me see it" after I take his picture. I get in big trouble when I don't let him see it. I have a long explanation ahead of me when I take his picture with my Nikon or something. UGH. I wonder if this is why my daughter is such a ham in pictures.....

Our kids don't have plain bandaids. You know, the kind that ripped of every hair you had on your skin and sometimes even the scab itself. What a bunch of pansies. Now they have to have "sensitive" ones or character ones. But you know, it did take me a while to figure out that I would rather spend $5.00 a month on a few boxes on bandaids for my kids to put on then take right off, then to listen to them whine about an "owie" that I can't see.

Our kids don't have under-roos. At least I haven't found them. Yes, there are character underwear, but it just isn't the same, you know?