Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I like to run.  I never used to.  In fact I would whine (albeit quietly) when my swim coach wanted to add laps to our dry land workouts.  Hated it.  Hated them.  Hate.

So, on the cusp of turning 30, I decided I wanted to start to run.  Looking back, I am not sure why.  Perhaps I started thinking about the things I wanted to accomplish in my life... my bucket list.  I decided I wanted to run in a marathon.  Fast forward a few years...

First, I came to my senses: I decided a half would be adequate.  Really... 26 miles?  That is insane.

Anyway - I have made it my goal this year, a mere few years before I hit my next age milestone (29 again, of course) to accomplish this task.  I have selected a race.  I have found the website.  I have checked the date with my husband.  They even have kid fun run races while I am running...

I have not registered.

Why is it that my heart is beating out of my chest just TO REGISTER!  YIKES.

I have given myself a deadline to register.  I will and can do this.  I am week 3 into my training, so I know I can do it physically (I mean really - they give you 3.5 hours to complete the race - I could walk fast and do it in that time) It is just squeezing the trigger.

If I wait until everything is lines up perfectly, I may just miss this opportunity and kill my goal.  Is this what I want?