Thursday, May 06, 2010

June 22, 2009

Yep, that was the last time I posted a blog entry. It is my passion, i guess.. hm.

I have had loads of things to write about, but I forgot every one of them. Oh well. Will try to do better.

The final days of Tyler being at home with me are here. We have exactly 10 more days of preschool. YIKES. Then a long summer and he starts Kinder. I thought that I would be excited about this, but in truth, I believe I will cry like a baby and wander around wondering what I am supposed to do now. So, I am trying to figure that out now. Do I work? Full time? Part time? Volunteer a bunch? ugh.

It is also the final days of the Kersh family living at 14331. We have been here 11 years and the stuff is astronomical. Along with the stuff are memories though. Some good, some bad but all memories. I know we will make new ones in the new house and the kids will barely remember this place when they are old, but this house with all its pimples and rashes will stay in my heart forever. I really really pray that the new owners will love this home as much as we have and will find happiness here. UGH, oh well. We start moving in another week, and close in 2 1/2. HOPEFULLY all the folks we have moved over the past 11 years will lend a helping hand. he he.

What else... pray for me next year. I will be in a new house, without a job, without a kid and not knowing my neighbors. My life will be unrecognizable from the life I lead right now. I am excited to see what God has in store for me. He has to have a grand task, this move has really been way too perfect for Him not to have orchestrated it from the beginning. We shall see, huh?