Friday, January 20, 2006

Death and Taxes

I am a fairly laid back person, but I have this innate desire to file my taxes as soon as humanly possible.. which to me means as soon as the banks and the employer send me W2's and 1099's. On about Jan 3rd this year, I went ahead and started my return based on my husbands last paycheck and a few peices of random paperwork I had laying around. I set the framework. Based upon my calculations, we were slated to get quite a nice return.
Then reality steps in.
The stock we sold wasn't taxed. Down went the return.
The salary I thought we made was actually a hair larger. Down went the return.
The items I donated weren't quite the dollar value that I thought they would be...(who wouldn't pay $25 for a 15 year old T-shirt???) Down Down Down.

I probably shouldn't do this to myself (and my husband... I IM him the play by play minute we are planning a cruise vacation, then I IM back and we are down to a camping the backyard.)

I talked to my accountant neighbor and she said that due to changes to some tax laws I won't recieve all my 1099 forms until mid March. UGH. (It is actually the 20th today and I am still waiting). Wouldn't it be nice if the IRS gave us the same grace didn't get all your paperwork until 45 days late, so you have untul June 1 to turn in your stuff....)

never works that way, does it.

I think maybe in my 4th life, I may be a tax person. I love this stuff. I know, I am certifiable.