Thursday, September 26, 2013

Love them where they are at

"Love them where they are at"....

Ever heard this one?

I just did a few weeks ago.

People may not be where you want them to it physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally...

So if that person isn't where you are, do you say "well, forget you then"?

Sometimes you might.

If you are ready to be a wife and a mother and the guy you have been seeing for years still wants to party like a frat boy, then, yes.  it may be time to cut bait.

Doesn't mean you don't love him anymore, though, right?

We have been trying to start a business that involves direct marketing.

Dont get me wrong.

I love the products.  I love what they have done for me.

I hate selling stuff.  I hate it even more when you are supposed to sell to your family and friends first.

Even though I know this stuff will benefit 98% of folks who try it, I still hate doing it.

I love talking about this stuff when someone asks, but otherwise... nope.   I went to training this summer and another training later.  I heard this phrase several times.  "Love them where they are at"
It is in regards to the products we sell, but can be applied to more aspects of my life.

We recently went to open house at my child's school.  She has a Social Studies teacher who is very inspired to share all world cultures and religions with her.

We talked about this.  I told her "Child, there are many people out there who will have other ideas about how things work, what gods they worship, what morals they have, what animals they cant eat....  Just remember, although you may not believe the same way they do, you must respect that they have the right to believe the way they do." This may possibly be a hair over her head yet.  But you have to start somewhere.

The kids and I have had more and more in depth "heart" conversations recently.  What it all basically boils down to is loving people where they are at.  Whether they are a different religion, play a different sport, sell a different product, live a different lifestyle.  You need to love them (not their action/belief) where they are.  Don't expect them to change to where you are.

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