Thursday, March 21, 2013


I'm just sitting here watching the sprinklers. "Why?", you may ask. Or not. I'm kind of a strange person, so many folks would just say "ok", or smile and nod. But back to the point. I'm watching the sprinklers today.

See, I just fertilized, and I have a puppy. Enough said? Let me elaborate. The puppy. Puppy. Baby teeth. Lots of chewing/eating. LOTS of chewing. So much interesting eating that I do know now exactly how big a foreign object can be in order to pass though his digestive system. TMI, I know... Now, you do too.

(See below for a pic of the cute turd we call Griffin or goober or, why yes, even turd on occasion)

Anyway, I am making sure that the sprinkler system is getting to the entire yard in order to activate or whatever the fertilizer so my dog won't come out here and think "treats" and then we have to make him vomit. (Had to do that with my sweet JJ who recently passed - not pretty. Fairly easy to do, but not pretty)

I digress.

See, earlier this week I discovered why my gerbera dasies were dying. Just in one spot. Yes, me, AKA Einstein, figured out that the sprinkler head nearest those flowers wasn't working, so I proceeded to screw, and unscrew until I almost lost the components flying through the air (some may know what I'm talking about) got drenched and still did not fix the bugar. I'm blaming nightfall. Couldn't see it anymore. Haven't gotten back to it, but that is neither here nor there.

I'm full into the spring planting thing. Fertilizing, auditing my sprinklers system, mowing through the inch think layer of pollen.....I was on my back porch a while ago and saw all the plants I was trying to keep alive through the winter. (I'm a sucker, so there were plenty). I kept thinking, I can totally get this to grow again (you know, cause I'm flush full of the power of resurrection). Why do I keep this stuff when it is obviously dead? Why do I keep high maintenance plants when it isn't my passion to tend to them as much as is needed? I let go of my garden this year. Can't do it. I let go of the tropical plants I thought for sure would come back. They won't.

Do you know how good I feel? Strange? I can go out of my back porch and see living things... Not constant reminders of my failures. Those plants that I couldn't keep alive. Do you know how much that messes with your head? "Couldn't keep that one alive". Ugh

So, this Is what i challenge whomever is reading to do (ha, just ended with a preposition). Take back your back porch. Make it your sanctuary. Throw away the dead stuff. You will feel so much better.

Now. I am going to look at that sprinkler head again. Wish me luck.

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